Music Opportunities

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Dear Families and Students

The Programs offered at Canterbury Public School are designed to foster students' music abilities and love of music.  We want as many students as possible to have access to the musical experiences we offer. Music Notes has the necessary forms for interested music ensemble members.


Aside from music education in the classroom as part of the Creative Arts syllabus, CPS has many options for musical involvement outside class in a range of music ensembles.

  • In K-2 there is the JUNIOR CHOIR and yrs 3-6, a SENIOR CHOIR, led by trained choir masters.
  • In 2016, Recorder will be offered as a stage wide program for year 1 & 2, taught on a Thursday afternoon in school time, by our band leader. A small cost will be incorporated into yearly payment schedule. Students are required to bring their own labelled recorders and leave them at school.
  • There are also the TRAINING AND CONCERT BANDS after school on a Thursday, open to years 3-6, as well as JUNIOR AND SENIOR STRING ENSEMBLES before school on a Wednesday. The string ensembles are also open to years 3-6, with some students starting in year 2, depending on competency. Martin Davison will lead the Bands, and Rhea Sullivan will continue to lead the Strings – both experts in their field.

Band or String ensemble membership provides a unique opportunity for your child to learn an instrument, experience the pleasures of performing and develop important team work skills.

All Year 3 students are eligible to join the Training Band or String Ensemble -t hey are not required to read music or play an instrument. However they do have to demonstrate their commitment by attending weekly rehearsals and tutorials and practising their music at home.

All programs are managed by the parent run music committee, the CPS Creative Arts Committee, a Music Liaison Teacher, Mai Quintal, ensemble leaders and the Principal.

The Handbook includes important information about the program. Please read it carefully and keep it in a handy place for future reference.


Ensemble Rehearsal times

Monday 8.50am - Junior Choir

Thursday 3.30pm Training Band, 4.15-5.15pm Concert Band

Thursday  8.40am Senior Choir


CPS Creative Arts Committee


Meghan Ryan and Mai Quintal.